Vegetarian Dishes

chana masala 2Paneer Tikka Masala 
Deep fried tandoori spiced paneer cooked in a
rich cream sauce with herbs and spices.

Aloo Gobi  
Fresh Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with
onions, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic. (VG/GF)

Bhindi Masala 
Fresh okra cooked with sliced onions, bell peppers,
tomatoes, ginger, and garlic.  (VG/GF)

Navratan Korma   
Nine vegetables cooked with nine spices,
homemade cheese and nuts in a light cream sauce. )GF)

Zeera Aloo   
Seasoned potato curry with cumin and tomatoes.  (VG)

Matar Paneer   
Homemade cheese cooked with fresh green peas
in a light cream sauce with herbs and spices. (GF)

Malai Kofta   
Vegetable balls in a cream sauce with fresh herbs
and mild spices.

Palak Paneer   
Fresh spinach, cooked with homemade cheese and
coriander. (VG/GF)

Baingan Bhartha  
Fresh eggplant baked on an open flame and gently
tapered with aromatic herbs and fresh coriander.  (VG/GF)

Dal Mahkni    
Black lentils cooked with herbs and spices, then
sautéed in butter and garnished with fresh coriander.

Dal Punjabi Tarka  
Yellow lentils cooked with onions, ginger, garlic,
tomatoes, and spices.

Chana Masala  
Chikpeas cooked with onions, fresh coriander.  (VG/GF)

Saag Chole   
Fresh mixed vegetables, chickpeas, fresh spinach, onions,
garlic, ginger and coriander. (VG/GF)

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